Course review

 Please write one paragraph to describe how this course helped you and  how important it was to work with your teammates on an actual case.  State at least 1 to 3 things that you liked about Marketing. Feel free to share  anything you think is important about the course and your professor . 300 words. 

Course –  This course surveys contemporary principles and practices for marketing  management as a corporate strategic asset. In a dynamic global  marketplace requiring rapid response to consumer need and behavior, this  course focuses on marketing strategies for creating customer-driven  value in products and services. Topics include consumer research  techniques; product positioning and differentiation; branding; customer  segmentation; target marketing by demographics, psychographics, and  behavioral variables; and using both traditional and digital channels to  reach niche or mass market audiences. Ethical implications of online  behavioral tracking and targeting are explored in the context of the  value chain. 

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