Thoughts and Reactions 

• When writing an article reflection, include your thoughts and reactions to the reading 

• Use a reflection paper to analyze what you have read • It should be well-written   

• You can include personal experience and knowledge in a reflection paper, but base your reactions and reflections on the article   

Don’t Summarize and Don’t Ramble 

• Do not use an article reflection to simply summarize what you have read 

• An article reflection should not be a free flow of ideal and thoughts   

• The idea of an article reflection is to write a piece describing your reactions and analysis to a reading.   

Organize Your Thoughts  

 • An article reflection should be as organized as any other type of formal piece of writing 

• In the introduction, describe your expectations before the reading 

• You also may want to summarize the conclusion you came to during the reading and reflection process 

• The body of your article reflection should explain the conclusions you have come to and why o It is fine if you do a bit of further research and read related articles you find (if you find the topic interesting).   

• Base your conclusions in real details you find in your reading

• End the paper with conclusions that sums up what you got from the reading 

• Come to some other conclusion or analysis about the article that you didn’t consider before reading   

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