Unit 7 Discussions


Unit 7 Discussions (8)

Unit 7 Discussion (ACC211 Managerial Accounting)

What insight does ROI give into investment performance? Is it acceptable to lose profit on one product, if that product is vital to the sale of an extremely profitable product?  Why?

As you think about these questions, also consider what other measures beside ROI might be help in analyzing solutions to business problems – or opportunities.

Unit 7 DB: Multifaceted Performers (MUS121 Rhythm, Blues, & Hip Hop)

Consider the importance of MTV in the careers of so many musicians who rose to fame in the 1980s. For this discussion, choose either Michael Jackson or Madonna, both of whom were considered multifaceted performers who rise to stardom was the direct result of MTV. Use the mashup tool to post one of their videos and respond to the following:

  • Do      you think that the importance of the visual medium, in this case, MTV, was      a positive or negative development in the music industry?
  • Were      there any controversies associated with the video you chose? If so, what      were they?
  • Do      you think that music videos help encourage performing artists to be more      multifaceted? Or do you think that it detracts from the quality of the      music by placing so much emphasis on non-musical elements? 

Unit 7 Discussion: Planning for Global Market (MKT200 Principles of Marketing)


It’s common for well-known B2C brands (brands that sell directly to consumers) to engage in public-facing activities which promote the brand’s commitment to social responsibility. Considering the goal to increase sales, brands leverage their ethical and social consciousness to help accomplish this.

Simulated Business Scenario:

Toyota, the world’s largest carmaker, understands that their primary target market responds well to brands that focus on social responsibility. Toyota’s senior management has been meeting in Tokyo, Japan to devise a global marketing campaign centered on social responsibility. To this end, Toyota decided to hire a consultancy to develop a 9-month plan ending December 31, 2021. Management has asked for a presentation for an initial list of items that would be considered valid elements of a social responsibility marketing plan that would accommodate each of the markets that Toyota competes in.


What type of research would the consultancy conduct to understand each of the wide variety of cultures that the brand competes in?

Armed with this researched information, how might the consultancy modify its social responsibility campaigns to accommodate some of the major markets?

Unit 7.2 DB: How Considering Diversity in Your Marketing Increases Revenue (MKT 200 Principles of Marketing)

In order to maximize revenue ad profit, marketers need to understand the behaviors and motivation of their customers’ buying decisions. No doubt, different groups of customers might have varying sets of buying behaviors, so how does a marketer consider diversity as a way to increase revenue. 

Review these two videos and share one question and discuss for each video with the group. Here’s what you need to do: 

1- Create one question and share our opinions on this video https://youtu.be/Mc7s3pyACMs

2- Create one question and share our opinions on this video https://youtu.be/4DX96EDM-ec

Unit 7.1 DB: Search and Seizures (CRJ102 Introduction to Law Enforcement)

The Fourth Amendment provides protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. What would constitute a reasonable search? Why? What would be unreasonable and why? Support your comments.

Unit 7.2 DB: Technology (CRJ102 Introduction to Law Enforcement)

Describe at least two major technology tools used by the police. Discuss whether you think these tools are effective. Why or why not?  Discuss the different viewpoints with your learning colleagues.

Unit 7 DB: Entries (ACC215 Spreadsheet & General Ledger Software)

Discuss the difference between correcting and adjusting entries and when to use each.

Week 6, Chapter 18 Discussion (BUS2123 Principles of Accounting II)

Top of Form

1. Explain the purpose and nature of, and the role of ethics in, managerial accounting

2. Describe accounting concepts useful in classifying costs. 

3. Explain how balance sheets and income statements for manufacturing and merchandising companies differ.

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