For these responses, they should be a minimum of 5 college-level sentences per topic. Please do not let the minimum affect your work! Remember doing the minimum gets you a C, doing well gets you a B, and going above and beyond reaching excellence gets you an A. So what does excellence look like? Typically, more than 5 sentences but it’s possible. “A” work has been checked for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors, it shows you grasp the material in the chapter, and uses terms from the book (please highlight them so they are easier to spot. I did not include an explant for D or F work because I KNOW you can do better 🙂

Topic 1 )Provide an example of each: A context in which high language would be appropriate and a context in which low language would be an appropriate choice.

Topic 2) Describe at least 2 situations where nonverbal communication could be more impactful than verbal communication. (Hint: you are going to need to provide examples ) 

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