Colleagues and I administered the following questionnaire to students. Questionnaire data are linked below. Questionnaire:

 Questionnaire data are linked below. Questionnaire: Data, SPSS format (let me know if you need the data in a different file format): The questionnaire identifies several constructs, latent variables, and the items that should be used to measure those constructs. For questions below, focus on these latent variables: • Toxic Disinhibition (items 16 17 18 19 20 21 22; in the SPSS data file these are labeled as Q16 Q17 etc.) • Empathy (items 30 31 32 33 34) (a) For Toxic Disinhibition perform an item analysis, discuss which items seem to have good and poor fit statistically, and report the calculated level of internal consistency obtained. Would you recommend dropping any items, and if yes which and why? Think carefully about each item and whether it makes theoretical sense to drop that item.  (b) Repeat the steps in (a) above for Empathy. 

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