discussion week3 anatomy and physiology 2- EXCRETION AND IDENTIFY THE SYSTEMS THAT EXCRETE WASTES

 please read instruction thank you.

TOPIC: Excretion and identify the systems that excrete wastes.


2.word minimum 325

3.RESEARCH (must be labeled)

        -the explanation/background of the topic -point out the interesting information about the topic.

 4. CRITICAL THINKING (must be labeled)

         -only for thoughts and conclusions 

          -apply everyday phenomena in terms  of the scientific concepts in you research section. 

           make observation and draw conclusions.

          -remembering and recalls details. 

            memorized this informations and what help you understand this 

          -why this is important topic for you and community. 

          how does it relates to other concepts in the texts. 


textbook : ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY-the unity of form and function( 9 TH EDITION)


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