UNOCAL / Burma pipeline case


Final Project (Worth 45% of overall grade):
After reviewing the source material for the UNOCAL / Burma pipeline case (located in the Final Project folder in Week 1), your Final Project is to synthesize an original analysis of this case addressing the following questions:

  1. Describe the ethical dilemma faced by UNOCAL
  2. Identify the prominent stakeholders, their equities, and your recommended approach/construct for addressing any competing stakeholder interests.
  3. Assess UNOCAL’s decision to invest in the Burma pipeline using at least two of the ethical frameworks discussed during the semester.
  4. Discuss your ethical view regarding the concept that engagement is better than isolation when trying to affect social or political change.

Please complete your analysis in a 5–7-page (excluding cover and reference page) Word Document, follow APA 7th edition guidelines including:

  • 12 Point Font, Times New Roman
  • Double Spaced
  • 1” Margins
  • Cover page including Student Name, Assignment, Class Name, Date.
  • Section headings in your paper to help organize and identify the different components of your analysis.

Additional Requirements:

  • You should include references to at least 6 sources.
  • Your analysis should be your original work with less than 20% of your content being attributable to properly cited content.

This is a graduate level course, so your paper should be complete and thorough, and should show an elevated level of analysis compared to that of an undergraduate course. While much has been written on this and similar cases, I encourage you to conduct your analysis without the benefit of hindsight. 

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