This week, you will be developing an annotated bibliography that identifies the sources you will use in your Leadership Development Plan, and justifies how each source applies to your paper. For more information about the Leadership Development Plan, refer to the Project Instructions Document.

DIrections for constructing an annotated bibliography

Preparing an Annotated Bibliography

Purpose of an annotated bibliography

It is a list of citations, each is followed by a brief, descriptive paragraph.

This descriptive paragraph is the annotation.

An annotated bibliography’s aim is to analyze the quality and relevance of the sources used in one’s research.


Steps in constructing an annotated bibliography

Collect your sources. Gather sources that look at your subject matter from a number of angles.

Cite the source in APA format.

Write a summary of the article’s central theme(s).

Who is the author? Evaluate their expertise and/or background.

Compare the article with others you have chosen.


Formatting an annotated bibliography

Begin with the APA citation for your source

Skip a line and indent. The first paragraph is a summary of the article.

Indent for new paragraph. The second paragraph is an evaluation of the source.

How does the information in the article compare to other articles in your bibliography?

Is the source and author credible? Why or why not?

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