Anxiety and Phobias


Locate a movie, television series, or streaming series that portrays a character with an anxiety, stress, or phobia disorder (For example, characters from the movies: The Aviator with Leonardo DiCaprio, What About Bob? with Bill Murray, The Truman Show with Jim Carrey, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? with Leonardo DiCaprio or Analyze That with Robert De Niro or TV shows: The Big Bang Theory with any character, Monk with Tony Shalhoub or streaming series: This Is Us with Sterling K. Brown, Scrubs with any character, or One Day at a Time (2017) with Justina Machado).

  In an paper of 1,000-1,500 words, address the following:  

  1. How is stress related to the disorder displayed by the character chosen (anxiety, stress, or phobia disorder)?
  2. What are some of the irrational or abnormal beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors the characters displayed, and how did they manifest? Provide specific examples.
  3. Using current DSM and ICD diagnostic codes, what is a possible diagnosis for this character?
  4. What psychological model best explains the cause of the symptoms/behaviors (i.e., biological, cognitive)?
  5. Based on this model, explain a possible treatment plan, including some ways the character can modify the stress and reduce anxiety (cope).

Use the  school Library databases and include two to four scholarly sources to support your claims. In addition to the scholarly resources from the library, students may include past classroom materials, textbook, and credible internet-based sources (.org, .edu, .mil, .gov). 

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