Project Assignments MS Project

 MS Project software is required for the course. MS Project 2016 or higher is preferred since the text tracks with this version.Chapter 3 (No practice files are necessary to complete the practice tasks in this chapter.)

  • Create a new plan and set its start date
  • Set nonworking days in the project calendar
  • Enter the plan title and other properties   

Chapter 4 (For this assignment, use the SimpleBuildTaskList practice file attached). 

  • Create tasks
  • Switch task scheduling from manual to automatic
  • Enter task durations and estimates
  • Enter milestone tasks
  • Create summary tasks to outline the plan
  • Link tasks to create dependencies
  • Check a plan’s duration and finish date
  • Document task information

Chapter 5 (Use The SimpleSetUpResources practice file for these tasks attached)

  • Set up work resources
  • Enter the maximum capacity for work resources
  • Enter work resource pay rates
  • Adjust working time in a resource calendar
  • Set up cost resources
  • Document resources by using notes

Chapter 6 (Use the practice files for these tasks attached)

  • Assign work resources to tasks
  • Control work when adding or removing resource assignments
  • Assign cost resources to tasks
  • Check the plan after assigning resources

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