Sonny blues takes place in the 1950s. During the tough times of World War II and in the Harlem renaissance era. It plays an important role in segregation and the civil rights movements. The Important

    In the story’’ Sonny’s Blues’’ James Baldwin explores an impact on drugs In the black community  and segregation in Harlem. He depicts by telling continuous  stories and indirectly reflecting their racism. And drug abuse where they faced. In the lack of human rights that were given to people around. Due to their circumstances. Racism in America Is the Dark Undertone In Sonny’s Blues. In Sonny’s blue it has his own technique and style.That discusses the issue of black oppression in America. “ In Harlem given the largest concentration of Black people in the world, became a destination for African-Americans of all backgrounds from unskilled laborers to an uneducated middle-class they shared common experiences of slavery emancipation and racial oppression as well as a ditermination to forge a new identity as free people.” National  Museum Of African American History & Culture. Following World War II heroin use increased in height  throughout the country ,and much of drug distribution centers in New York, specifically Harlem. Drugs being put into Harlem what is the peak of racial discrimination in furthering deindustrialization in postwar Manhattan fostering the growth of heroin trade in the community. “ As Attendees at a Harlem neighborhood conference on narcotics addiction saw it ,” unemployment, poverty, poor housing , the oppressive strangulation of ghetto life and it’s construction of opportunities for creative expression.” The State Versus Harlem.

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