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Case SynopsisIn November 2014, the Residence Services department at MacEwan University in Alberta, Canada, needed to replace a residence assistant who was exiting midway through the academic year. The new hire would have one semester of work for the current academic year and, with good performance, was expected to return for two semesters of work in the following academic year. One of the qualified applicants had a distinguishable disability: she used a wheelchair. On the one hand, it would be easier for Residence Services to not hire her because of the various potential risks, concerns, or expected difficulties that could arise with her employment. The primary concern was her ability to respond effectively to emergency situations. A secondary concern was the impact on operational efficiency and the need to adapt work and staff routines to accommodate the use of a wheelchair. On the other hand, it was not legal to discriminate against the candidate for employment, and Residence Services valued inclusive hiring practices. The decision to hire or not hire this candidate needed to be made very soon.

CASE- MacEwan Residence Services: A Risky Accommodation?


Case Questions:

  1. What other options does Galloway have besides hiring or not hiring Benson?
  2. What changes or safeguards could be made in the selection process to ensure that future selection decisions are discrimination-proof?

    ( 3- 4 pages, APA format with references)

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