Unit 8 Discussion – Reflection


The last 7 weeks has taken you through some of the treasures of the Humanities, and while it is impossible to touch on every culture or time era in one course, we hope you have gained an appreciation and new interest in exploring the ways the human experience is celebrated and preserved for future generations.

  • In your first paragraph
    • Share one or two of the artifacts covered in our course that made the deepest connection with your life experience.
    • Describe the artifact, explain its history, and discuss the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ the artifact connected with you in a meaningful way.
  • In your second paragraph
    • Provide insights on your overall experience in the Humanities.
    • Are there historical periods you would like to explore further, and if so, which ones?
    • Are you considering a trip to a museum to see more artifacts in person or ‘Googling’ for some of the massive online museum collections?
    • Finally, did the course help you to see that regardless of the differences people will always have in terms of culture, geography, etc., there are far more things that unite us and far more reasons to celebrate each contribution to the Humanities?

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