In this paper, you will be providing me with an overview of CRISPR.  Use the library, Pubmed as well as
legitimate news and video resources to address the following questions.  Your paper should be about
one to two pages in length, double spaced and should include at least three resources in a bibliography
at the end (no, Wikipedia doesn’t count…).  You may include figures if they are helpful, but they are not
required.  Please submit this as a word document or pdf to the appropriate drop box on D2L by the due
1. What is CRISPR?  Explain what the system is actually used for and how the system works in
prokaryotes.  How has the system been modified to be used in other applications?

2. How was CRISPR originally discovered?  Briefly explain its origin story including the main
scientists involved in its discovery.   

3. Give an overview of the legal battle for the intellectual and patent rights to CRISPR.   What is the
main issue that is being debated?  What is the current outcome of this debate?  Who do you
think should have the rights (if any) to the technology?  Support your opinion.


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