Need help with Project Portfolio

Please use the attached sample and Project reports. 

How to Prepare the Portfolio

The portfolio report must be typewritten and should be a minimum of 3 complete pages in length. A project report that is two and a half pages (2.5 pages) is not acceptable. Large margins that have been increased to meet the length requirement are also not acceptable. If your report is not submitted according to the stated specifications, you will be asked to re-write it.

Do not submit the original project; the report is meant to capture the project highlights and significant points of the original project.

You will write a report on the project that includes:

  1. Introduction
  2. Explanation of the solution
  3. Description of the results 
  4. ​Description of your contributions to the project
  5. ​Explanation of what new skills, techniques, or knowledge you acquired from the project and if it was a group project, you should also include a list of team members who worked on the project.
  6. A reference section with at least 4 references and citations to those references inside the text. Use the IEEE Referencing Style Sheet for citation guidelines.

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