Biblical Integration Final Paper Assignment


This final paper is designed to establish not only a sound understanding of real estate contracts but also engage you in by incorporating the bible in an appropriate context. Using the scripture references below as a means of establishing cultural norms, create a template for a letter of intent (LOI) that would be used during biblical times. 


Your LOI should include the following components:

· Representation and Warranties

· Parties

· Property

· Consideration

· Interim Activities

· Title

· Due Diligence

· Contingencies

· Security Deposits

· Default

· Indemnity

Make sure that in addition to addressing each component of the LOI, make sure you provide a definition for each component as well.

Bible Reference Books and Chapters

· Genesis 23

· Genesis 47

· Leviticus 25

· Ruth 4

· Jeremiah 32

Your final paper should be at least 5 pages, double-spaced Times New Roman, 12-point font written in APA format covering all the components of an LOI listed above while incorporating biblical practices as noted in the Bible reference section.

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