Describe the potential interaction of the child and parent in the case study you selected. Would this interaction have a positive or negative influence on the child? Why? Explain the logical outcome for the child. What type of interaction would more likely contribute to aggressive behavior? Justify your response by using the Learning Resources and other academic resources. 

 Case Study #1 Sally, 20 years old, and Sam, 21 years old, are the parents of a 7-month-old son, Andrew. Both Sally and Sam are high school graduates with no additional education or specific job skills. Sam works odd jobs and Sally quit her job as a cashier after Andrew was born. They struggle financially, have no health insurance, and are dealing with issues of Sam’s infidelity. Sally is constantly depressed about her life and often doesn’t have the energy to tend to Andrew’s needs. Sam is indifferent to his son and rarely interacts with him. Andrew is an easygoing infant who rarely cries or shows any type of irritability outside those moments of expressing a need (hungry, thirsty, needing a diaper change, etc.). 

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