Industry Article peer review

  1. Upload your Industry Article assignment as a Word document by DAY TWO (2) to give your student reviewer ample time to complete their review. Include the following in the initial discussion post which will help to establish context for the reviewer and others in the course.
    1. the title of the article,
    2. the name and NAICS code for the selected industry, and
    3. the name and hyperlink for at least one industry journal editorial guidelines and submissions criteria.
    4. Write a paragraph for the initial post to include the title of the article and summarization of it to help establish context for the reviewer and other readers in the course.
    5. The instructor will assign each student to a specific student paper for conducting a peer review. Do not conduct a peer review until the instructor has assigned you an article.
  2. Download the Article Peer-Review Template(Word document).
  3. Download the Industry Article assigned for your peer review.
  4. Complete the peer review using the template as the guide, following the prompts below:
    1. Insert your full name in the header or the footer of the blank template
    2. Complete the template in its entirety, assessing the other student’s article based on the critical thinking intellectual standards criteria, as adopted from The Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking, and the other comment sections in the template.
    3. Include appropriate, evidence-based, honest and respectful feedback using single-line spacing in the areas provided in the template.
    4. Once the review is completed, review and edit, then save each Word document template as a PDF file.

Use this below article to review 

a.  Did COVID-19 Derail the Patient Experience?

b.  NAICS code:  62 Healthcare and Social Assistance 

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