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Emotional Reactions Presentation

For this assignment, you will create a 3-5-minute video speech presentation to discuss emotional reactions. In your presentation provide an illustration of a specific emotional reaction of a situation you were in. Then explain the emotional reaction using two different theories of emotions discussed in Chapter 7. Finally, provide an argument for which of the two theories offers a better explanation of the emotional reaction. Your video speech presentation should be a 3-5 minutes in length and cite specific examples that provide detailed analysis incorporating reading and textbook material. If outside sources are used, proper citation of the source should be included.

The goal of this assignment is to adapt your topic to the audience (your classmates), use a clear organizational pattern, and present an extemporaneous speech. You may use note cards or a copy of your outline to present your speech (you do not need to submit an outline for scoring).  Please do not attempt to type your speech out word for word.  Using a word for word outline can result in reading directly from your paper and will result in a point deduction. 

View your assignment rubric.

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