Report – Netflix’s Case study analysis

1. Why Netflix was a “disruptive innovation”? Discuss value propositions, resources, processes and revenue model of Netflix.2. Why Netflix was adopted as a new product? Discuss the reasons using various adoption and diffusion theories.You can use, but not limited to, the information provided in the following articles from Harvard Business Review:

  • Data Can Enhance Creative Projects – Just Look at Netflix (Smith and Telang, 2018)
  • Netflix and the Economics of Bundling (Smith and Telang, 2019)
  • Reinventing your Business Model (Johnson and al., 2008) Ensure that your answer shows adequate understanding of the relevant concepts, theories and their applications. Use a variety of resources to write this report and include appropriate referencing in both the body of the report and a reference list at the end. Turnitin will be used to check the similarity of your report with web sources, journal articles and other student assignments.

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