4 page assignment on IT Strategy & Policy implementation plan – APA format, no plagiarism $8

PYZ Tech case study: This week you will add two (2) additional components: the implementation plan and an outlook on identified risks and issues. In the first section, you will discuss the plans to implement the policies organization-wide in as much detail as possible and make provisions for the areas that cover external customers as well. When identifying initial risks and issues, include a high-level action plan for how you will respond to the risk or issue if it were to occur.

As you work through the final components of your plan, make sure there is alignment throughout your plan that connects everything back to the original vision and objectives.


  • Use narrative descriptions to support visual cues.
  • Write in complete sentences.
  • Use headers to help separate content.
  • Include in-depth analysis and explanations.
  • Include at least 2 cited references.
    • Follow APA formatting standards for citations and references.

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