article review

I am attaching here an example of how a review article is written. I am assigning the topic for the review article, which is quite straightforward and the most useful one to learn how to write a review article. 

As I have mentioned in class, it consists of two main parts. In the first part you present the debate in the literature about the topic (this is the most important part) in the second part you present your criticism (agreeing or not and which perspectives you find more convincing). 

Structure of the assignment: Times New Roman, 1.5 space between lines, and 2000 – 2500 words long. 

The topic for the review article: Present the debate on the advantages and disadvantages of presidentialism 

The argument is straightforward: You have the important article by Juan Linz (part of the mandatory readings) and another article by Mainwaring and Shugart that presents the opposite view. You summarize the debate and the argument in the literature based on these two readings. You can refer to the third reading by Fukuyama et al., that explains the cases of presidentialism in Asia. 

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