Berkeley in the Sixties

 ● What was happening at the time of the event, the place 

(location) or the decision(s) that sheds more light on why the 

social movement came to be in the first place?

● In what type of society did the event occur? (Example: An urban 

one? A rich/ poor one? An educated one? An unstable one? Was 

it due to any type of ongoing conflict, new or/and emerging 

conflict and injustices?

Five (5) page, double spaced
12- point font
● On Berkeley in the Sixties by California Newsreel
● A reference page at the end of
your five (5) pages with a
list of sources. This is an
additional page

● Write using the first-person narrative, ensuring that the tone  is very

● Name, identity and embed at
least three (3) of the key
concepts, theories and
definitions of your choice that
best fit and apply within the
documentary you have chosen
to critical self-reflect 

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