choose 1 question and answer in 1200 words


1. What does Descartes have doubts about in his Meditations? What reasons does he offer for having those doubts? How does he try to resolve those doubts? Is he successful? What would Davidson and Spinoza say about those doubts? Critically and in detail develop Descartes views and critically develop the views of Davidson and Spinoza in sufficient detail to exhibit with clarity their differences with, and criticisms of Descartes. How do you think Descartes might criticize them. Who do you think is right?

2. Critically and in detail develop one or both of Descartes arguments for Dualism. We called one ‘the argument from the need for an explanation’ and the other ‘he argument from conceptual difference.’ What are the problems with the argument(s)? Critically and in detail, how does Spinoza respond to Descartes dualism? How does Davidson respond? Develop their responses in detail. Clearly, if you write about one argument, you are expected to say more about that one argument than if you were writing about both arguments.

3. Descartes thinks that he can make sense of a metaphysically isolated subject. Critically and in detail develop and discuss the respects in which Descartes’ views involve/lead to his thinking this. In detail, critically develop, compare and contrast the views of Descartes with those of Davidson and Spinoza. 

4. Descartes thinks that there are two substances. Spinoza thinks that there is only one. Critically and in detail develop, compare and contrast their views. What might Davidson say about all this talk of substance?

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