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1. I am interested in the topic Child Abuse.

2. I am interested in this topic so I can really get some understanding of how this actually takes place. I want to know how parents allow this type of behavior with no emotions. I also would like to study the laws and sentencing of this type of crime. Sometimes I feel they get a slap on the risk so I just want the information and knowledge.

3. I want to see the situation from everyone point of view because I am missing something. I really am focusing on the parents behavior and roles of this crime as well. I want to know what they thinking when this is taking place and what they wish to have done different. 

You have a lot of great ideas, but you’ll want to narrow it down. It seems like you’re most interested in understanding the motivations and behaviors of those who actually engage in abuse. One study I found is really interesting and looks at mental health clinician’s perspectives of parents involved with CPS (this is more broad). But you could do something similar with clinicians who work specifically with child abuse cases. I’m attaching the article for you! There don’t seem to be too many articles on Why people abuse…. this would be a good argument for why you need to it! I’m also attaching an article about the effects of physical abuse – it’s a good article to use when you’re writing your literature review and discussing why this is an important topic. There are a lot of other articles looking at other outcomes.

The topic is child abuse 

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