Belinda is a 69-year-old female who is admitted to your ICU after suffering a severe stroke that has left her unconscious, unable to communicate with people and understand commands. She is currently on a ventilator.  She has 3 daughters and 2 grandchildren. 2 of her children are undecided about the ventilator but one of her children wants to keep her alive in case she improves and recovers. Belinda, however does not have an advance directive.

Discuss the ethical and legal implications of the above scenario you selected on all stakeholders involved, such as the prescriber, pharmacist, patient, and patient’s family.

Discuss strategies to address disclosure and nondisclosure as identified in the scenario.

Discuss the process of writing prescriptions, including strategies to minimize medication errors.

Discuss two strategies that you, as an advanced practice nurse, would use to guide your decision making in this scenario, including whether you would disclose your error. Be sure to justify your explanation. 

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