title of the presentation Evaluate the key issues and challenges of the interoperability between information systems.

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2. Issues and Challenges Related to Interoperability

The HIT interoperability efforts bring us full circle back to the need to adopt computerized patient records. Achieving interoperability among HIT systems is the key to supporting the exchange of patient information to integrate and provide a continuity of care.

Interoperability is defined by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) as “the ability of a system to exchange electronic health information with and use electronic health information from other systems without special effort on the part of the user” (ONC, 2015).

Interoperability is defined as the ability of a system to interact functionally with other systems. In the case of EHRs this is the capacity of any electronic source of information housed in any information system to exchange and use information. This capability to exchange and use information can be over a network, a virtual private network (VPN), or in the cloud. The Ministry of Health HIT interoperability strategy has reviewed many international models to help them achieve nationwide interoperability through the sharing of patient information in the cloud. The goal of improving the health of individuals and populations proposes to use the captured data in electronic health records so that healthcare providers can use the information to make informed decisions. The National Committee for Digital Transformation (2019) shows that the Unified Electronic Medical Record enables efficient use of patient data at the point of care at any time that it is needed for their care. Another advantage of the digital infrastructure and interoperability of systems it will improve pilgrims’ experience during the Hajj and Umrah and also raises the efficiency of the services available for them.

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