As for the meaning of health, practitioners of alternative medicine practitioners view health as a whole in which the person’s body, mind, emotions, and spirituality all affect one another and must therefore be in balance and harmony with one another (Fontaine, 2019, p. 9). Whereas, conventional practitioners may view it as the absence of disease and general well-being (Fontaine, 2019, p. 9).  

When it comes to the curative process, conventional medicine mainly focuses on the disease itself and results in fixing or treating conditions through drugs, surgery, or radiation (Fontaine, 2019, p. 10). Unlike alternative medicine, which looks at all the possible conditions that may be blocking the life force from flowing properly through the body and seeks to restore the balance and harmony that is missing (Fontaine, 2019, p. 10). Lastly, conventional medicine mainly focuses on the prevention of disease as their basis for promoting health (Fontaine, 2019, p. 10). Whereas, alternative medicine focuses on the overall long-term lifestyle of the patient in all areas of their lives such as their emotional, spiritual, physical, social, and mental well-being (Fontaine, 2019, p. 10). 

Having taken the differences that both conventional and alternative medicine base their practice, research, and theories, I believe they both can be helpful and can contribute in helping a person achieve their optimal health. I find both of them to be useful in order for me to provide the best nursing care for my patients. Not always is it best to quickly satisfy any rash demands or needs my patients may be calling out for, but rather, take into consideration any other internal/external circumstance or condition that may be causing the sudden reactions or requests. 

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