Overview: For this assignment, you will pull together everything you have learned in the last eight weeks. Instructions: • Review your assignments from Units 1-7. • Create a one-page pictograph or a one to two slide PowerPoint that includes all of the details of your future health plan and goals. o Include information regarding diet changes, exercise, water intake, stress reduction, mind-body connection, and anything else you will be taking away from this course. • Be creative! Requirements: • Include resources that you used to create your future health plan and goals. 

 The future health plan has to be clearly addressed in the project. 

 The future health goals has to be clearly addressed in the project.  

 Writing and format are clear, professional, APA compliant, and error free 

I will attach the previous assignment links so that you can use those as a reference

This is unit 5 link that i could not add   Find out if you’re eating enough protein Unit 5 is about good and bad proteins

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