Environmel Psychology Effects on Mental Health Job Satisfaction and Personal Well Being of Nurses

First part:
Summarize the research study: what is the background, hypothesis(es), methods (enough detail for me follow how the study was conducted and main aspects of the methods related to the validity and generalizability of the research), and highlight the author(s) interpretation of the findings.  This should all be in your own words and avoid your personal opinion in this section.

Second part:
Personal ideas or perceptions, based on your analysis and evaluation of the research methodology and conclusions.  Focus on the main research problem and critique of the methods used in the study in addressing the question or address one or more of the specific ideas/points/findings and describe your opinion. 

3-4 pages in APA format not including the cover page and references

 Answer the following questions in your analysis:

• Do you agree with the conclusions the authors are stating?  Is it free of bias? Does it make a meaningful contribution to our knowledge or to society in some way?
• What questions come to mind about the main ideas/points, methodology, research findings, and/or conclusions?
• Can you generalize the results to other populations or settings?  How are subgroups addressed (or not), i.e., gender, race, culture, demographics, social or economic groups, etc.?
• How can the material relate to the modern world, to the society and to specific groups of individuals?
What are your conclusions about the information in the article and the author(s) position?

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