Discussion 3 712

500 words 3 references Due 5/25/2023

Part 1:

Setting the Stage:

Countless curricular decisions are made in districts continually, but none, more importantly, following a Crisis.

How curriculum leaders arrive at these decisions varies.

  • More progressive school districts have continuous improvement models in place to address curriculum decision-making and are constantly affecting changes in the curriculum as a result of these plans. 
  • Others approach curricular decisions as a response to an identified need that has presented itself due to student performance or other pressures.
  • Some make decisions haphazardly without results,
  • While some school districts demonstrate lethargy and apathy toward curricular decision-making and are stagnant for all intents and purposes. (Gordon, Taylor, Oliva, 2019)

Organizational staff and administrators have a wide range of leadership, instruction, curriculum, technology, data analysis, organization, and communication capabilities. The challenge is finding a way to meet the needs while capitalizing on the people to get the work done collaboratively. 


Part 2:

 Read this article carefully to understand “The New Normal post-covid 19” 


Part 3:

Future Thinking incorporating Change:

In this discussion post (500 words), discuss what you would propose to your organization’s leaders for a “New Normal” following the pandemic or any crisis.

What are the key elements to consider when planning for a vast change?

Align your thoughts to the critical precepts presented in the article and cite them to support your comments.

Cite from the article in APA format and any other source that is used.