Education Assignment 2


For the Module 2 Application, you will create a case study as the central foundational document for learning activities and explorations to extend and support learning within your discipline.

Note – This assignment rubric is specifically designed to assess specific skills and knowledge related to your program. Please review all rubrics carefully prior to submission. Use the following rubric Links to an external site. to view the CAEP standards alignment for grading on this assignment.

  • Create a Word document for your response.
  • Use APA format for the title page, references page, and in-text citations for your case study.
  • Compose an introduction and conclusion for your case study.

Step 1. Design a case study to support a selected topic in your field. THIS WILL BEI N THE APENDIX SECTION OF THE PAPER

Step 2. Identify the outcomes.

  • Using standards and curriculum objectives, determine 3-5 outcomes, including one for content, one for a specific reading skill, and one for thinking.

Step 3. Design activities.

  • Using the case study as the focus, design 3-5 activities to engage students in active learning. One should have assessment possibilities. For example:  Learners scan the case study to identify unique nouns.  Place the nouns into groups because they are alike in some way.  Label the group.

Step 4. Extended learning.

  • For each activity, identify one additional step a student could use to either relearn, reinforce, or go beyond the present learning.
  • Identify the purpose and audience for the extension activity.