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How realistic is the body shape of dolls that children play with, such as Barbie? Do you think that Mattel Toys has gone far enough making strides to diversify Barbie’s looks? What other kinds of dolls do you see that might promote unhealthy body images?

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I need assistance with an article review.The weekly readings are Self Injury and Confidentiality.The article review should be written on the article titled Issues of Confidentiality and Potential Disability Discrimination in Behavior Intervention Team Responses to College Student Suicidality. The attachement titled article review are the instructions for the review.If there are any questions prior …

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This assignment you will create an interview and response question

Transcribe your first interview. Use a transcription service or do it yourself.  For your second interview, use a summative technique (e.g., Halcomb & Davidson, 2006)  Provide your debriefing partner with the audio (if possible) and transcript of one interview.  Write in your unique thread a statement in which you compare and contrast the two ways …

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Individual and Group Motivation

 Employees are uniquely individual. This uniqueness makes them valuable because in that individual approach to work, each employee brings personality, history, culture, values, creativity, innovation, and other personal characteristics to the team. It also makes managing and leading employees challenging. Also, employee morale and motivation are essential attributes of successful organizations. Employees who are not …

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wk 3 discussion

 Complete the following readings from the textbook, Life-Span Human Development: Chapter 5: Sensation, Perception, and Action Chapter 6: Cognition Chapter 7: Memory and Learning In addition, refer to the following optional websites for optional related reading: NIMH: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Human Anatomy Online: The Ear Jean Piaget’s Genetic Epistemology Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development …

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  In our work and personal lives, we need to be able to identify and analyze effective verbal and nonverbal communication in various situations. In the same way that you would analyze a work or personal life communication situation,  the nonverbal communication demonstrated in a series of photographs. In addition to identifying aspects of nonverbal …

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  Client Name Presenting Concern: Include reason the client stated for coming to counseling. Case Conceptualization: Include specific information about client symptoms and presenting concerns. Include demographic information. Review biopsychosocial factors/considerations including biology, family, culture, environment, and other relevant systemic considerations; assess how the addiction impacts all major life areas). Assessment: Identify and describe one …