Tool in “modeling”

  Thinking about COVID-19 and how heavily our industry has been using data to help make decisions.  Read the following article, relating it to our readings from this week, what is one tool you would use to help support in “modeling”.   10 Tips for Making Sense of COVID-19 Models for Decision-MakingLinks to an external site.

American Rhetroic

Goal:  The  goal of this discussion is to  get students to analyze historical  speeches and understand organization and delivery tactics. Description:  Pick one speech from American Rhetoric’s  top 100 speeches list. Listen to or watch the speech, and be sure to  take a look at the transcript of the speech below the video or sound  clip…


This assignment is an attempt to get a PICOT approval for a DNP. The PICOT Approval is attached, please use it to complete the assignment. I need you to help me turn the PICOT into a PICOT QUESTION., and find 3 original research studies to support the intervention for the PICOT question. Please copy the…


I need to find  3 original research studies to support the intervention. (One of the three original research articles to support your intervention need to come from the US or Canada). The other research studies can come from the UK, Denmark, India, New Zealand, or Australia (preferred) or from any of the 131 countries listed…


 Discuss trauma and resilience, how trauma affects development, and what might be the determining factors that lead to developmental delays when a child is exposed to trauma. What is research saying about trauma and resilience, and spiritual development and how it can counter the effects of trauma?