Philosophies of Education

Describe four main philosophies of education – perennialism, progressivism, essentialism, and reconstructivism – and at least one philosopher who influenced the development of the philosophy, and the timeframe in which it was developed. Be sure to include the following: A description for each of the philosophies of education (origin, proponents, and main tenets).  A philosopher associated…

good life

. What do you understand as “the good life”? Do you think it is important to “live the good life”? Why or why not? And how will the study of philosophy, especially ethics, either enhance or inhibit your ability to “live the good life?” Explain your answer.  

Philosophy – A Close Reading of the Communist Manifesto

Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Chapter 3: Chapter 4:


1. Describe how the objects and events in the video are interconnected. How would Paley and other fans of the teleological argument explain all of this? What would they say must have created all of these creatures and caused them to behave this way? Be sure to explain the main parts of the teleological argument….


  who am I? reflection on human identity.   You should include (i) A brief comparison of at least 3 of the theories discussed  (dualism, mind-brain identity, hylomorphism, & Advaita), combined with a discussion of which of them you agree with the most and why. (ii) an example from your daily life think shows this theory…