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You are now the Population Health Nurse: Please review the information in chapter 6 (ATTACHED) and complete the following: 1) Imagine, create and design a health care delivery system that would meet the needs of the U.S. public. 2) What features would you incorporate from other national health care delivery systems? 3) How would you…

discussion 6

 Healthcare organizations are becoming more and more diverse as men and women of various ages, ethnicities and religious beliefs work side by side. As a department manager, you recognize the contributions of your diverse workforce. One day at lunch you are approached by an employee who states, “I don’t like the newest member of our…

Module 04 Discussion – Ethics and Your Population

  Directions: Ethics are important in any area but particularly in healthcare. Every patient population has their own specific ethical considerations. Post a brief description of your population and the plan idea you have for addressing their health needs. This time also describe the ethical issues involved in serving your population. Comment on another student’s…

module 2

  Financial considerations are critical to any successful strategic plan, and healthcare plans are no different. It is recommended that all organizations include a financial analysis in their strategic plan. A number of financial tools are available to assist in this analysis. Select one that you learned about and post a brief description of it….

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I am going to be asking you to create plot diagrams for each of the stories that we have read in this unit.  Please go back to the Section 1 pdf on Plot and look carefully over the diagram of Freytag’s Plot Structure.  Once you have done so, I would like you to identify the…


 Instructions Review the following list of innovative solutions to global health challenges. Select one and explain what it is, why it was created, what problem it solves, and how it impacts international healthcare.  VanishPoint Retractable Syringes GRIT Leveraged Freedom Chair Nutriset (Plumpy’nut) Miriam Bridges Cancer Detection Embrace Infant Warmers D-Rev’s Brilliance FRE02


International healthcare often intertwines with human rights issues. One of these issues concerns child brides. Throughout the world, the problem of early, forced marriage of children is considered to be a violation of basic human rights. Most of the continuation of marrying girls off early (between the ages of 7 and 16), often to much…


 focus on the Medical Equipment Manufacturing Industry  The report should include the following section: General environmental conditions: Discuss the influence of key factors (use the PESTEL framework) Focus on the Medical Equipment Manufacturing Industry.  (Use the PESTEL framework) Identify the factors that most significantly impact the industry and not on the company you are studying….


  Chou and Wang have led HTC transformation from a small player to a top five producer of smart phones. What strategic actions would move HTC into the top three? Specifically: a. How can HTC differentiate its products as more handset manufacturers enter the Android market?